Thursday, March 30, 2017

POP Laughs: Scientology TV


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Scientology bought its own television studio in Southern California and plans to begin broadcasting its own programming over cable television. We've got some ideas for their new programming...


Entheta Tonight with David Miscavige

"Entheta" is anything against Scientology, so good Scientologists stay away from it! Chairman of the Board David Miscavige fills in good Scientologists on all of the television shows, news articles and websites that they should  ignore! 


Tall Tales from L.R.H.

L. Ron Hubbard traveled the world and did amazing things! At least, that's what he told everyone! Fairy tales are more believable than anything you'll hear from L.R.H!


Tom's World

It's Tom's World and we just live in it! See Tom travel around the world in private jets, fancy cars and amazing yachts while Sea Org members are forced to carry out his every whim!


Xenu Files

There once was an intergalactic alien named Xenu and now you can hear all about his crazy antics as imagined by a drunken lout on anti-depressants!


The Con Boat

Only the top Scientologists get taken for a ride on the Freewinds! Watch every week as another group of wealthy Scientologists get taken!