Wednesday, March 15, 2017

POD-Palooza: The Sketch Comedy Podcast Show


The POD-Palooza Podcast of the Week is The Sketch Comedy Podcast Show! Lovingly produced each week in Oregon, SketchComPod (as those in the know call it) is hilarious! On this unique show, we not only get to hear amazingly funny sketch comedy but we also get a behind the scenes peek into how the sketches were made while listening to fascinating stories from people not unlike us. 

SketchComPod's host, Stuart Rice, keeps the funny going, providing us a glimpse into his and his guests' often interesting lives. Three episodes a week consist of one hilarious sketch, the extended discussion that took place during the creation of the sketch, and a classic sketch from SketchComPod's extensive archives of hilarity.

It has been said that everyone has an interesting story to share and this top notch podcast proves it, winning our dodgy seal of approval!

Listen to the laughs at: