Tuesday, March 21, 2017

POD-Palooza: We Hate Movies


The POD-Palooza Podcast of the Week is We Hate Movies! Even if you don't hate movies, you'll love We Hate Movies. Hosted from New York City, where they may not know how to make salsa but they do know how to make laughs, We Hate Movies features the guys of Private Cabin (Chris Cabin, Andrew Jupin, Stephen Sajdack & Eric Szyska) discussing some of the worst films ever made. It's like you're sitting with some funny friends, making fun of some movies you've seen in the past, except they live in NYC and they're not *exactly* your friends. It's still fun, though!

From imitations of crusty diabeetus shill Wilford Brimley to grim versions of the Muppet Babies theme song sung by serial killers in the process of getting executed, We Hate Movies has it all- and it is all in good fun! So head on over to 
We Hate Movies and get in on the fun- today!