Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ten Things RadioShack Did To Stay Relevant

10. Took out ads in Parade Magazine. The young people still read that, right?

9. Hired that hot tamale Charo to promote the latest cassette tape players.

8. Aired so-called “tele-vision” commercials on that show the young people watch these days- The Ed Sullivan Show.

7. Printed up catalogs with plenty of T&A: Technology & Amplitude Modulation!

6. Ensured every store had the biggest selection of vacuum tubes in town.

5. Conducted an ambitious cross promotion with Murder, She Wrote.

4. Became the official record needle supplier to Brett Somers' Discotheques.

3. Cross promoted record players on The Lawrence Welk Show.

2. Launched a line of Beatrice Arthur 8-Track tape decks.

1. Launched a line of electronics inspired by the Olivia Newton John film Xanadu.