Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Moment in Pop Culture: Jaye Goes Topless

The Gong Show was never seen as being highbrow entertainment. What else on 1970's television was? The Gong Show did have some limits, though. Frequent judge Jaye P. Morgan would constantly try to expose her chest to the audience. It got so bad that show host Chuck Barris allegedly gave Jamie Farr one job when he appeared as a judge on the show- make sure Jaye kept her top on.

Jaye and Jamie accost Arte Johnson

He was mostly successful- up until a few weeks after the notorious popsicle girls act. (Don't Google it!) Jaye finally exposed her bare chest to the studio audience. The clip never aired on TV (Obviously) but Jaye got banned from the show regardless. The show wouldn't last for much longer.